The Coffee Shop

     CLOSED - Help us rebuild our Coffee Shop!     

In November 2015, we closed our location in order to move into a historic building space. We wanted to own our building, and this 50 year old hardware store was perfect.   We're confident that our customers support would see us through the move, and that we will be just as successful now as we were in the old location.

Back in the old spot, we had a small coffee bar inside the store.  This coffee bar was small, but successful.  We grew to be passionate about coffee and yearned for a bigger space for coffee, and our baristas were excited for the opportunity to learn more about the coffee community.  With this new location, we have set aside an area of the store to dedicate to the coffee shop, and we are hoping to build it soon.  Being an old building, the space needed more repairs on it before we could re-open, so opening the coffee shop has been put on hold until we can get back on our feet.

We decided to create this GoFundMe campaign as an inquiry into the community; we want to provide the same set of services to our customers as we did at our old location, but in order to do that, we need your help.  We have the best customers: kind, hard-working people who have a love of books, music, movies, and video games. Our customers are students, teachers, bankers, doctors, stay-at-home moms, architects, servers/bartenders, industrial workers, and beyond, and the one uniting factor is the love of media and the written word.  We provide a vital service to all members of the community by providing a place to unload gently used items and pick up good-as-new media and books, as well as a space to engage with the community.  A coffee shop is the natural next step in this process.

We are looking to purchase a few items in order to make this coffee shop successful,  such as a display case for baked goods, a rinser, sinks, a refrigerator, a bar, tables and chairs, comfy couches. There are other unseen costs, related to plumbing and installation that will come up as well.  The total that we are hoping to raise has been meticulously researched so that we can find the absolute best products to create a perfect cup of coffee for you, the customer. 

If you love The Last Word, coffee, books, movies, music, or video games, consider donating to us.  It would mean the world to us.