Encore: Open Mic by Guerilla Poets

3/24/18 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Come join us for a poetry slam.  All levels of poets are welcome. March 24th, 7pm-9pm
Website: http://guerillapoets2012.wixsite.com/guerillapoets

Guerilla Poets are a flash poetry mob that does poetry 
in unexpected places in the hopes that it will touch the 
lives of those who normally wouldn’t listen to poetry. 

Our mission is not only to empower, inform and encourage,
but also to break down the walls that separate poetry so
artists can further their expression through commradery and collaboration. 

We are diverse in our styles to show that poetry is not just one form 
or the other, but rather many unique ways of effective communication. 

Guerilla Poets also do a lot of volunteer work for communities and 
are always looking for ways to help out. Please feel free to contact us 
if your organization would like our participation or if you want to know more about future projects. 

Guerilla Poets currently has 2 branches. One in the US and one in the UK. Just send us a message to ask about what's going on in the UK Chapter! 

Here are a list of key words you might see in some of our projects: 

Banana Flip: A spontaneous poetry reading in public.
Hints may be given to where the flip will take place.

Poem Drop or Drop: Placing Poetry in public areas for people to find. 

Black Out Poems: Taking a written item and marking out words to form a poem and placing it in public for someone to find. 

We are constantly coming up with new projects and itineraries for volunteer work and ways to bring poetry to the public. 
If you are interested in joining in on some projects, or are an organization that needs volunteers please feel free to contact us at: guerillapoets2012@gmail.com