Natalya & Lakia Latin Book Signing

2/17/18 12:00pm to 3:00pm

February 17th 12:00pm-3:00pm
"What I'm Learning From Her: Lesbian Love and Marriage."
by Natalya & Lakia Latin

About the Book

What I'm learning from Her was simply inspired by our very different journeys that ultimately brought us together and ended up in a loving, fulfilling, & driven marriage.  It is a depiction of how we view topics as they pertain to lesbian love and marriage. There are always two different views that matter in your relationship or marriage and that's yours and hers. 
As women we are already phenomenal and beautifully complex on our own and when we come together as partners we become a movement. It is important to always keep your partners perspective in mind because it builds strong long-lasting relationships and marriages. 
"A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences." ~ Dave Meurer 
About the Authors
Meet Natalya:
As a newly published author I am excited to share with you some of my most recent work What I'm Learning from Her "Lesbian Love & Marriage" Book and Journal Companion. I have a background in many things academically and professionally to include a Masters level education in management and years of writing experience. I am currently working on a few more writing projects for 2018 to include a compilation of my early writings of poetry and short stories. I am the CFO of Her's & Her's ll brand and e-commerce Store Front, CEO of L-GO Publishing and The X Process Goal Coaching Business. On a personal note I am married to Lakia Lewis-Latin and we love to travel, read and work hard. When it comes to social responsibility I have a passion for the homeless with a special interest in teens that are pregnant and homeless. When it comes to making a contribution to society my greatest desire is to encourage and motivate others to live life as their best self.
Meet Lakia
Hello my name is Lakia and I am married to Natalya Latin with whom I co-authored What I am Learning from Her "Lesbian Love & Marriage" Book and Journal Companion. I am also the author of Morning Insights Journal that is a companion to our Morning Insights Facebook live show "Her Thoughts & Her Thoughts ll." I have a very diverse professional and academic background that includes Master level studies in Business Administration and many years of management experience. I am the CEO of Her's & Her's ll brand and e-commerce Store Front and the CEO of Seven Star Treasures which offers gently used designer items at a reduced price. When it comes to social responsibility I have a passion for literacy, career development and enhanced opportunities for those that otherwise might not have access to it. 


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