Seleta Bright Book Signing

11/18/17 2:00pm to 4:00pm

November 18th 2pm-4pm
"Pearl's Oyster"
by Seleta Bright

About the Book

Pearl’s Oyster, A Memoir is a coming of age story, fast paced, and gripping. It follows Clarissa (nicknamed Pearl) along her journey into unfamiliar worlds as she struggles to grow up and make sense of source family dynamics. Seeing their wider implications across other landscapes of her life – school, work, religion, and other relationships, Clarissa begins a quest to resolve a decades-old mystery.

At the dawning of mid-life, Clarissa began re-evaluating her familial roles. A well-disguised reality began unveiling itself, beginning with Clarissa’s mother, the “virtuous” matriarch’s uncharacteristic self-undoing, sudden death, and the exhausting aftermath that followed. Daring to investigate the meaning of so much chaos, Clarissa’s inquisitiveness opened more intrigues, which pushed everything to a breaking point.

Pearl’s Oyster is that rare multi-generational memoir which is sure to pull you in and hold you close until the last page is turned.

About the Author

The author, Seleta J. Bright, was born and reared in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. She completed university and professional school in Metropolis Baltimore-Washington, District of Columbia, where she lived and worked for more than twenty years. An avid reader, writer, world traveler, and life student, Seleta currently lives in Charlotte; she has ghost-written, authored, and contributed to professional publications. Her first book, Pearl’s Oyster, A Memoir © was published by WLS Publishing House, through which Seleta blogs and presents professional seminars and workshops on Whole Life Synergy © .