Sell Your Stuff

We buy everyday except for MONDAY. We limit orders to four bags or boxes per family. The factors we take into account when buying are AGE, CONDITION, and INVENTORY LEVELS. We offer a choice of cash or store credit on textbooks, new release and hard to find Blu-Rays and DVDs, and video game consoles, games, and hardware.  We are offering store credit ONLY on all other merchandise categories in the store.

How it works:

  1. When you come in, we will take your information and determine whether your order is LIVE or a HOLD*
  2. We look at each item individually, checking the age, condition, demand, and our own inventory levels.
  3. After processing your order, you will be given two offers:  one in store credit, and another in cash (if eligible).  
  4. You decide which offer to take.  You may also reject both offers and take back your items.
  5. If you accept the store credit, congratulations, you're done! The store credit will be saved into an account under your name. To receive the cash offer, you must be over 18 and you must have a valid photo ID or passport.
  6. Kids under 18 may have their own trade credit accounts, but if they are receiving cash a parent must be present to show ID.

All payouts are final.  Store credit can never be converted into cash.

What you get:

We pay CASH for the following items:

  • Textbooks
  • Movies:  New release and hard-to-find DVD's and Blu-ray's
  • Video games, systems, and hardware.

We pay PREMIUM trade credit or cash for:

  • Video games, gaming consoles and accessories, iPods, and calculators

We pay STORE trade credit ONLY for:

  • All Books:  Classics/Literature, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Children's books, and YA novels.
  • Music:  CD's and Vinyl
  • Movies: Older and easy to find DVD's, Blu-ray's, and VHS tapes

PREMIUM trade credit can be used to purchase video games, systems, accessories, and electronics. In addition it can be used as STORE trade credit. STORE trade credit can be used to purchase all books, games, puzzles, used music, and movies.

*No Trade Credit can be used to purchase any new, local, or consignment items (crafts, CD's, books, artwork), any consumables (coffee, candy, snacks, drinks), or new Magic items.

All pay-outs are final.

  • We cannot guarantee that we can buy back an item that was purchased at our store, as inventory needs change daily.
  • No appointment is necessary.
  • You can bring in your merchandise to trade or sell using the schedule below:
Tuesday - Thursday 11AM-7:30PM
Friday - Saturday 10AM-8:30PM
Sunday 12PM-5:30PM

The buy counter is closed on MONDAYS


LIVE- If you have time, we can process your order while you wait in the store. You must bring your order at least one hour before the buy counter closes if you want to wait for your order to be done.


HOLD- You can drop your items off, and we will text, e-mail, or call you when the order is finished. Once contacted you have three days to pick up your unsold items. If you bring in a large order, we reserve the right to automatically make your order a hold based on current Live orders. Holds typically take 1-2 days.

Important: If you do not come in to pick up your order or call us within 3 days, your order will automatically be saved as trade credit into your account and your items we did not take will be donated to charity.

(If you still have questions after reading about selling your BOOKS, MEDIA, or have a specific concern use our Contact page or call 704.966.9673)