Sell Your Stuff

We buy everyday except for MONDAY. We limit orders to four bags or boxes per family. The factors we take into account when buying are AGE, CONDITION, and INVENTORY LEVELS. In addition to this page, please read ALL of our General Info!

What we are looking for:

We pay store credit ONLY for all books except for textbooks. Textbooks have a cash or store credit offer.

Pricing is based on:

  • Current and past selling history
  • Desirability
  • Inventory levels
  • Market value


Common reasons books are turned down:

  • Age:
    •  In general, we only buy books published within the last 10 years. 
    • Some non-fiction categories we only buy from the last 2-3 years. 
    • Many textbooks become out of date as soon as the school year ends.  
  • Condition:
    • Rips, stains, tears, dirt, excessive wear
    • Odors, including cigarettes and animals
    • Stickers, if excessive or unsightly
    • Any tape repairs
    • Damage by liquids- water, coffee, etc.
    • Excessive highlighting or underlining
    • Missing dust jacket or accompanying media
    • Creases or cracks in spine, broken spine
    • Loose or missing pages
    • Mold, mildew, Pet hair, and/or Bugs
  • Inventory levels:
    • Hardcover genre fiction books are limited to 1 copy on our shelves at one time.
    • Generally, if we have 2 copies of a book, we will not take a third.
  • Miscellaneous: 
    • Ex-library / Discard 
    • Antiquarian (Go to ABAA.ORG for more information on antiquarian books)
    • Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) & Uncorrected Proof 
    • "Not-for-resale" or Free
    • Encyclopedia sets
    • Software user manuals
    • Reader's Digest Condensed Books
    • Any Ring-bound material
    • Book Club Editions (BCE)
    • Magazines or individual comic books (graphic novels are ok)

A few examples of rejected items:

Rips &Tears
Taped together Chewed / Falling apart corners
No Book Club Editions (BCE)
BCE (Right) BCE (Number)
Heavy Wear on Spine (Cracks)
Water Damage Warped Spine
Broken Spine Example 1
Broken Spine Example 2 Broken Spine Example 3
Ex-Library Example 1
Ex-Library Example 2 Teacher Edition's
Not for Resale
Free Kid's Meal Book
This is Free Book...