Sell Your Stuff

We buy everyday except for MONDAY. We limit orders to four bags or boxes per family. The factors we take into account when buying are AGE, CONDITION, and INVENTORY LEVELS. We only pay cash for video games, consoles, and hardware, as well as new and rare Blu-Rays and DVDs. We pay store credit ONLY for all other media items traded in. In addition to this page, please read ALL of our General Info!

General Media Rules:

  • We need to open all sealed products.
  • All disc media needs to be in the original case with the original artwork
  • No water damage or excessive wear on artwork.
  • No cassettes.
  • No computer software or PC games
  • We do not buy scratched discs. 
  • We do not buy bootleg discs/cartridges or burned discs
  • We may pass on older media or media in low demand
  • We generally do not carry more than 2-3 copies of an item
  • Large volume media orders (2+ boxes) are best left as holds because they tend to take a long time.  If you plan to wait in the store for large media orders, your wait time will be higher than normal.
  • If a scratched disc is worth resurfacing, we reduce the payout by fifty cents per disc.


  • Current and past selling history
  • Desirability
  • Inventory levels
  • Condition and age
  • Market value


  • All DVD's/CD's must be in the original case with the original artwork
  • Must have all accompanying media (bonus discs, extras, etc.)


  • Record sleeves must be in good condition with no tears, excessive wear, or mildew
  • Records cannot have any scratches on them
  • Lightly scratched records may be taken at a discount on a case-by-case basis
  • We generally do not buy .45's, but will look at them on a case-by-case basis


  • No cassettes
  • No crushed or cracked boxes

VHS tapes​

  • VHS tapes must have original, legible title stickers and still be in their original cases. No crushed or cracked cases.
  • STORE trade credit only
  • In general, we only buy cult/rarity, hard to find, or classic VHS
  • We also buy children's VHS/Disney

Video Games/Consoles:

  • Handheld and cartridge games must have legible title stickers, and do not need to be in the original cases​
  • Video game systems must have all cords and at least one working controller.
  • No third party controllers or accessories
  • No video game instruments. (Drums, Guitars, etc.)
  • All systems are tested before we buy them and reformatted if applicable
  • Atari's are taken on a limited basis. No first generation Xbox 360's.

Miscellaneous electronics: 

  • All electronics are tested before we buy them and set to factory settings. Only very light wear on cases and screens are acceptable.
  • We take iPods, Nooks/Kindles, iPads, and newer tablets. 
  • We only take graphing calculators- TI-83 and newer
  • We take new or like new headphones in original packaging.  No earbuds.  Name brand only. 
  • We generally do not buy older tablets or generic brand tablets/e-readers
  • We do not buy broken, cracked, or water damaged electronics
  • We generally do not buy cases for tablets/e-readers
  • We do not buy speakers, sound systems, computers, or monitors
  • We do not buy phones

A few examples of rejected items:

Missing Artwork
No "Free" / Not for Resale
No Slim Cases

No Scratches
(Light, Medium, or Heavy)


Broken / Cracked Discs